Get to Know me:

Joey, Qualified Imperfect Parent helping people heal

Hi, I'm Joey Dlamini

I was named after my grandmother maternal side Johannah Ramatsobane Ndlovu, a real force (I realize that as I grow).

I'm from Bela Bela Limpopo. I have been a recovering rescuer since I was small.

I forgive easily and I'm bad at keeping memories so I forget.

I'm bad with remembering dates and finer details of things but I will remember the feeling and impact.

My favorite colour is yellow I think because of the brightness and lightness but as I'm growing I now want to include more neutral colours.

Words of affirmation are one of my love language so if you want to give me something, words works. If not that, vouchers will work

Besides reading as my hobby, I love dressing up as it's part of my self-care routine. I don't know how to do make-up but I am a fan of red lipstick. It is my easiest way to pick up my mood.

I use to think that I'm a perfectionist until I grew up and realize the responsibilities that come up with this label

My favorite sentence is “it is not that deep” because I’ve realized that not everyone is on a mission to hurt me, their actions might hurt me but it doesn’t mean that was their intention.

This has helped me to be more forgiving of myself and others.

When you work with me

The Journey we will take together...

My Mission & Why

The Mission

Preparing and equipping families for the changing world.

I help parents maintain connection with their growing kids.

I assist tweens and teens to discover their purpose while they are still young.

My Why

I know I am steward of the resources that the Lord has given me. I use my time, finances, skills, abilities and personality to bring hope, encouragement, possible solutions and lift up those who are around me family, friends, colleagues, strangers , clients and the community as a whole.

I seek to create safe nurturing environments where people can discover who they are and what they are capable of.

I support others on their journey to find their truth through having honest real conversations and encouraging them to take action towards what they want.

Normalizing safe uncomfortable conversations in parenting & beyond

I did not wake up like this✨✨

It took years of learning to be the person that you are today...

Competition over collaboration ✨

I don't like competitions😬...

Say yes before you know how, Christy B Wright

This is for the parents. How many times do you say "no" not only to your family but especially to you...

No child left behind ✨✨

That should be our motto as a society...

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