Teaching Healthy ways of engagement

Helping you have authentic connections with self and others using the tools that you already have.

Hi I'm Joey

As an eternal optimist I believe that  there is goodness in all of us, we just need to be in safe spaces that allows us to re-discover ourselves and learn healthy ways of engaging.

I assist you to work through your emotions and thoughts in a non-judgmental space using theory.

My aim is to allow you to remember that you are capable and able to grow through different situations.

My Services

Free for You

To help you connect better with your child and also yourself.

As our kids are growing we are sometimes confused or afraid of the changes. 

This guide will help both parent and child to accept that growth is part of life and also learn healthy ways of engaging with each other through the different seasons

Added bonus: Weekly texts and parenting advice sent directly to you via WhatsApp. 

Get The Book

The Teen Top 25 is now available for order.

The book aims to help teenagers to win in their teenage years and start adulthood strong.

It helps parents to have those uncomfortable conversations with their kids while also healing from any childhood hurts.

Want to learn how to deal with your past, build confidence in your present and prepare for your future?

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