A much needed guide for both parent and child to begin a dialogue with each other.

This guide will help both parent and child to accept that growth is part of life and also learn healthy ways of engaging with each other through the different seasons

To help you connect better with your child and also yourself.

As our kids are growing we are sometimes confused or afraid of the changes. This guide will help parents help their kids through these feelings.

Who is Joey

I am a Parenting and Family Expert helping parents to heal from any toxic family patterns that might hinder them from raising their children differently. While also ensuring that the family unit remains intact through the different life stages.

I help parents maintain connection with their growing children. i assist teens and tweens to discover their purpose while they are still young. This is also done through my book The Teen Top 25: foundational life lessons for a thriving journey towards adulthood.

The goal is to empower families holistically.

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