Counselling sessions

I provide one on one services using theory to help you navigate the season that you are in. I mainly use a strength-based perspective which focuses on the positives of your situation and amplifies them. This is to remind you that you are strong even if you might not feel or look like it.

I also use system based theory which looks at how you and the environment influences each other and lastly person-centred theory which believes that you are the expert of your life. This are my main 3 theory I use but I also incorporate others based on client and their need.

Sessions I offer:

Parenting session

Kids session

Family session

Individual session

Speaking Gigs

As a speaker I am able to offer subject knowledge in a relatable way that allows the audience to connect and engage with the topic while also reflecting on what is being shared.


I host workshops covering different topics and that allows you to learn and share from others experiences in a safe environment .

There is power in sharing your story and being vulnerable amongst like-minded individuals with a professional supporting you . Besides informing and empowering you, the workshops help to remind you that you are not alone and that there is help available.

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