The Book

The Teen Top 25:

Foundational life lessons for a thriving journey to Adulthood.

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A personal note from me. . .

I want you to start strong


if you have already started know that it is not too late to begin again, this time with information that will help you to navigate adulthood

I want you to have a healthy relationship not with others but with yourself first.

Imagine this. . .

What if you could avoid some of the mistakes that your parents or peers made?

What if you could learn from people's mistakes and choose differently?

I want you to know how to thrive in your life whether as a young person or a parent

Young and winning that’s what I want for you

I wrote this book to help you do that

It's time for you to be the impactful young person you have always been.

For parents it’s time for you to be the safe space that young people need.

You are your children’s influencer!

Its time for you to say goodbye to the negative narrative about the teenage years and say hello to the most exciting stage of your child’s life , and it all depends on your perspective

"You deserve more!"

As a teenager and a parent you deserve to enjoy this stage instead of fearing the worst case scenarios .

To see it as an opportunity to create long lasting memories .

I am here to help you create a healthy relationship with yourself and others

To maximize your strengths while also turning your weaknesses into opportunities

I have one mission

To help you start strong .

What does that mean?

It means to start with the information that you need to make the right decisions and live a purposeful life from an early age.

The Problem

We live in a world that tells us to be scared of the teenage years, whether as a teenager or parent

You must worry about how your child will turn out.

Your relationship with your child will end and the dreams you had for them will come to nothing

it is either they will end up pregnant or in prison

You might be wondering what happened to your sweet baby they are still there just discovering themselves and asking lots of questions

You used to talk about everything but your kids now hardly talks to you and when you talk it always seems to end in a fight

As a teenager

You must worry about falling pregnant, dropping out of school or become a criminal or you might end up not having a job

So much doom and gloom

It seems like all of a sudden no one trust you or understand you

The people who used to say that you are great it seems like they no longer thinks so

What’s happening to your body and emotions things are no longer the same

The Solution

It's time for both parents and children to approach the teenage years in a different way. To approach it with a positive mindset.

It's time for both parties to be prepared for the teenage years and maximize on the experience. After all knowledge is power and applied knowledge brings change.

To understand that it was an exciting time where the teenager gets an opportunity to discover themselves and set the foundation on the kind of adult they will be.

Parents need to heal from any childhood trauma that they might have so that they might not pass the trauma to their kids.

I will show you...

⚜ How to create safe spaces that allows your relationship with your teen to grow

Understand how your beliefs about the teenage years can either make it a great transition or a traumatic experience

To bridge the gap between parents and their teenagers

Tools that allows your child to holistically grow and to know that they are not alone

How to win when you are young

How to use this book as a bridge to restore and enhance the relationship between parents and children

Peek inside

Here is what you will find inside the book

Why do parents struggle to understand teenagers and no it is not because they are weird

Why it's absolutely possible to thrive in your teenage years despite what the world tries to tell you

What are some of the challenges that teenagers face and how can they grow through them

Why it is absolutely possible to start your adulthood strong

Read about other young people who are making a success of their lives despite challenging circumstances

Knowing your purpose from an early age through discovering your skills , abilities and how to set effective goals

A bonus chapter on having a mentor and role models

How to communicate with your peers, parents and others

Praise for The Teen Top 25

Actionable goodies

There's more than just reading in this book.

You will find...

Reflection question at the end of each chapter that helps you to engage with the book and internalize the messages

Steps on how to set actionable goals from an early age

Numbers of organizations that offers assistance to young people

Guidelines on how to start those awkward conversations with your teenager or parents

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